Study Gui Zhi Tang with SNS President Sally Rappeport

Gui zhi is one of the most predominant herbs in the Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue..  This class will look at the formula Gui zhi tang and all of its variations as well as most of the formulas which contain some of its components. The class will be divided into six 1.5 hour segments for 9 CEU’s focusing on Gui zhi tang in Tai Yang (2 classes), Gui Zhi Tang and Pain, Gui Zhi Tang and Fluids, Gui Zhi Tang and the Heart  Gui Zhi Tang and Blood, Gui Zhi Tang and Jue Yin. Lots of case examples will be presented. Classes will be live on Zoom and recorded to watch later.  Discussions of cases will be possible between classes as well as during the live Zoom session.


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