2019 Shen Nong Society Conference

March 9-10, 2019

A Huge Success!

Video for Conference 2019 Available Below.

(scroll down for more info about all of the speakers) 6.5 ceu’s:

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Full Conference Video

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For links to Dr. Yu’s lecture on Ministerial Fire (7 CEU’s)

White Pine Institute and Shen Nong Society are co-sponsoring an interactive online class on Dr Yu beginning October 2019. Find more information at the link above. If you prefer to view the videos before October you can register at any time. The interactive class will include discussions, questions, and access to flashcards on both of Dr. Yu’s books.

Our Speakers

Dr. Yu

“Understanding Wu Mei Wan And Its Use in The Clinic”

Speaker Bio

Dr. Craig Mitchell

“Why Is Si Ni San in the Shaoyin section of the SHL? Understanding, Clinical Application, and Cases”

Speaker Bio

Galina V. Roofener

“TCM Herbal Practice Safety Standards and Medical Errors Prevention Guidelines: The Cleveland Clinic Model”

Speaker Bio

Eric Brand

“Preserving Traditional Herbal Pharmacy in the Modern Era”

Speaker Bio

Kevin Ergil

“Clinical Compounding and Dispensing: Present Perspectives”

Speaker Bio