About Shen Nong Society

Mission Statement

The Shen Nong Society is an organization formed to support the vital and committed community of practitioners of East Asian medicine who design and recommend individualized formulations of herbs and natural products for their patients. These recommendations are based on the over 2000 years of practice traditions that have spread from China to Japan and Korea and throughout East Asia and evolved over time.  We are devoted to helping our patients through the use of Chinese and East Asian medicine (or Oriental Medicine), and our community needs to be well informed regarding all issues that impact our ability to serve the public through our practice.

We endeavor to be the unifying voice and central source for practitioners, consumers,
educators, growers, distributors, and regulators of East Asian Herbs.



The Shen Nong Society envisions a well-trained and ethical community of East Asian Medicine professionals who furnish excellent care using high quality herbs and natural products to the public at large and who are well informed and work together to protect and increase public access to East Asian Medicine and to improve their professional skills.


The Shen Nong Society will develop and support the professional goals of a community of practitioners of East Asian Medicine who design and recommend individualized formulations of herbs and natural products for their patients in order to support public access to high quality clinical practice and herbs and natural products.


The Shen Nong Society will:

  • Provide educational opportunities including, but not limited to conferences, websites, blogs, bulletins and newsletters.


  • These educational opportunities may address:​​
  1. The quality and safety of herbs and natural products available to the public and profession.
  2. International, federal, state and local regulatory practices and proposals that might positively or negatively impact East Asian Medicine professionals and the public they serve.
  3. Current educational practices that impact the practice of and access to East Asian Medicine and ways in which they can be improved.
  4. Traditional and contemporary approaches to patient care using herbs and natural products.

The Shen Nong Society greatly appreciates all individuals and organizations who would like to support our mission and goals and take advantage of or support the educational opportunities provided by the Shen Nong Society.