SATURDAY: “Circular Dynamics Of Fire And Water And The Treatment Of Heart Pathologies In The Jin Gui Yao Lue”
SUNDAY: “Circular Dynamics Of Fire And Water And The Treatment Of Blood In The Jin Gui Yao Lue”

SATURDAY: “What The Covid-19 Pandemic Showcased About Practice-Based And Scientific Research Into Chinese Herbal  Medicine In The United States”

SATURDAY: “​​Treating Disease or Constitution? A Re-Examination of Zhang Jingyue’s Eight Principles and Modern Jingfang Treatment Framework”

SATURDAY: “The Frontier of American Chinese Medicine: Exploring The Medical Archives At Kam Wah Chung”

Interview with
Allen Tsaur

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Study Gui Zhi Tang with SNS President Sally Rappeport

Gui zhi is one of the most predominant herbs in the Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue..  This […]

COVID19 and Chinese Herbal Treatments

A variety of resources for treating the current outbreaks of novel coronavirus in China have been made available to practitioners. […]

Conference 2020 Almost Here!

Due to the ongoing concerns of COVID19, we have cancelled the in person part of Conference 2020 at the Grand […]

Conference Speaker Jean Giblette on Farming

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