MAY 2017 Profile: Jason Blalack, L.Ac.

This month the Shen Nong Society is highlighting the work of Jason Blalack, L.Ac.

Jason Blalack is an international lecturer and the translator, compiler, and editor of, Qin Bo-Wei’s 56 Treatment Methods: Writing Precise Prescriptions, with clinical commentary by Wu Bo-Ping (published in 2011 by Eastland Press). Jason has made numerous trips over the past decade to study closely with Dr. Wu Bo-Ping, one of Qin Bowei’s most intimate and long-standing students, as well as several other older generation doctors. Consequently, Jason’s approach embodies a style that precedes our modern TCM system. He is passionate about helping students and practitioners bridge the gap between this approach and our modern TCM model by clearly presenting a clinically oriented method of thinking. Jason is a graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego and maintains a full-time practice in Boulder, Colorado.

The author of Qin Bowei’s 56 Methods: A Clinical Perspective which you can read here, Jason also offers 11 Advanced Herbal Studies Courses: Precision in Herbal Formulation using the Qin Bowei Methods available through the Pacific Center for Lifelong Learning, which can be studied in total or in parts, available here.

Precision in Herbal Formulation: The Qin Bowei Method complete series includes an introduction to the methodology course followed by a series of 10 courses organized by different pathologies. It is a comprehensive presentation of the highly effective herbal prescribing system of Qin Bowei.

Qin Bowei’s system pre-dates most of Mao Ze-Dong’s influence and differs in a number of ways from the current TCM model yet can easily be integrated into modern clinical use. This system is ideal for those wishing to diagnose clearly, write custom formulas (as opposed to stock formulas or patents), improve precision in herbal prescribing by writing smaller more accurate formulas, or who simply want to break out of a basic TCM pattern structure.After completing the entire course series, you will have the ability to boost your practice and expertise through the Qin Bowei method. In taking the series, you will adopt a laser-like focus on the root of the disease pattern and avoid a symptomized, scattered approach to your herbal formulation. In learning the Qin Bowei system, you will have the power to emulate the thinking behind classical prescriptions without being tied down to the exact ingredients or original indications.

As the voice of high level training and practice of East Asian Herbal Medicine, we at the Shen Nong Society recommend you consider this opportunity for advanced herbal studies.