Genevieve Le Goff

Keynote and Sunday Speaker

    Conference Topics:

    “Circular Dynamics Of Fire And Water And The Treatment Of Heart Pathologies In The Jin Gui Yao Lue”
    “Circular Dynamics Of Fire And Water And The Treatment Of Blood In The Jin Gui Yao Lue”

    “Circular Dynamics Of Fire And Water And The Treatment Of Heart Pathologies In The Jin Gui Yao Lue”

    Please join us for an exploration of heart pathology in the Jin Gui Yao Lue!  

    What better way to study Zhang Zhong Jing’s work than to study his treatment of the Emperor, the Heart? Shaoyin heart is central to Zhang Zhong Jing’s theories, and the study of its treatment is a vehicle to understanding them. Moreover, heart pathologies are extremely common in the clinic, and this class will give attendants immediate tools to treat patients, from the very next day. 

    Various pathologies of emperor and ministerial fire will be explored, differentiating heart and pericardium patterns. In particular, we will study chapter 9 on xiong bi/chest obstruction, focusing on clinically relevant differential diagnosis, formula analysis, and illustrating each clause by many a helpful case study. Other pathologies involving heart or pericardium, such as fright, palpitations, water accumulation patterns, running piglet and vacuity detriment will also be discussed through formula analysis and case studies. 

    This presentation should leave attendants with immediately applicable tools to treat the heart, while deepening their understanding of the primordial role of the shaoyin pivot as the motive force for the circulation of water and fire within the body.


    “Circular Dynamics Of Fire And Water And The Treatment Of Blood Pathologies In The Jin Gui Yao Lue”

    Blood defines life. As a liquid, it is yin, and as a warm and moving medium, it is yang. In treating its pathologies, one must consider its dual nature and the way it is formed, as well as what it irrigates and allows within the body. It is the perfect marriage of fire and water.

    This class will be an exploration of the treatment of jueyin blood in the Jin Gui Yao Lue. We will consider the role of yangming, taiyin and shaoyin as antecedents to the production of jueyin blood, and their importance as indirect but necessary ways of treating blood pathology, whether deficiency, dryness or stasis; we will discuss treating the blood directly, and how to affect its texture and richness. We will also explore the achievements of blood, and their crucial role in the circulation of ministerial fire, wei qi, and even the functioning of the organs and physical structures it irrigates.

    Through a detailed study of a selection of lines pertaining to blood in the Jin Gui Yao Lue, this class will take us on a journey through various pathologies, all affected by blood: bai he disease, blood impediment and vacuity taxation, running piglet, jaundice, spontaneous bleeding, reversal, the deterioration of flesh, malaria, and, of course, gynecology and obstetrics! For each we will analyze a selection of patterns and formulae and illustrate them with case studies. 

    This is a great opportunity to understand the importance of blood in the treatment of a great many conditions, with the added bonus of pondering the circular dynamics of fire and water in the Shang Han Za Bing Lun, and learning or reviewing a good many useful formulae you will be able to use the next day!

    Genevieve Le Goff practices and teaches an ancient form of Chinese medicine that has its roots in the Classical Era of Chinese history (Han dynasty and prior). 

    Classical Chinese medicine views the human body as a microcosm of the universe. Therefore the health of the planet is inseparable from ours. In keeping with the highest precepts of the classical Chinese medical canons, a good doctor seeks to understand physiology in an ecological fashion, and to honor the roots of these insights by the observation and protection of natural rhythms.

    After graduating from UC Santa Barbara with a BA in Environmental Studies & Ecology, and the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences with a MS in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Genevieve continued her training in midwifery and gynecology, as well as received extensive post-graduate training in Classical Herbal Formulation at the Hunyuan Institute and at the Institute of Classical East-Asian Medicine. She practices at the crossroads of two sister lineages she apprenticed in, the Fire Spirit School and the lineage in the tradition of Zhang Zhong Jing’s Shang Han Za Bing Lun. Her practice focuses entirely on classical herbalism, with a specialization in fetal-maternal medicine. She is constantly engaged in research and study to further her ability to help her patients.

    Genevieve Le Goff is the mother of two wonderful girls, both born at home. She is a Reiki practitioner at the master level, and has been an herbal apothecary since 1998. She also directs a state and nationally accredited Continuing Education Program for licensed acupuncturists, bringing prominent scholars, sinologists and clinicians to the Bay Area to teach seminars. She has been designing and teaching continuing education curriculum since 2012. Her lectures are attended nationally and internationally.


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