Belinda (Beau) Anderson

PhD, MA(Ed), LAc

    Saturday Topic:

    “What The Covid-19 Pandemic Showcased About Practice-Based And Scientific Research Into Chinese Herbal  Medicine In The United States”

    Dr. Anderson is Associate Dean and Professor of Allied Health at Pace University in the  College of Health Professions (NY), an Associate Clinical Professor at Albert Einstein  College of Medicine (Bronx, NY), and a Research Professor at Pacific College of Health and  Science (Pacific College, NY). She earned her PhD in Molecular Biology from the University  of Sydney (Australia), her Masters in Higher Education from Teachers College Columbia  University, and her Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine from the  Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (New England School of  Acupuncture). Dr. Anderson has over 25 years of administrative, clinical, research and  teaching experience. She was the Academic Dean at Pacific College for 12 years (2006- 2018). Dr. Anderson is an NIH-funded researcher and her recent research focuses on  implementing acupuncture in community-based clinics, educating clinicians in evidence based medicine, and the use of Chinese herbs to treat COVID-19 symptoms. Dr. Anderson  was a member of the NIH National Advisory Council for Complementary and Integrative  Health 2018-2021, serves as Deputy Editor for Explore: The Journal of Science and  Healing, and is Co-Chair of the Research Working Group of the Academic Collaborative for  Integrative Health (ACIH) within the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM).  From 2009-2018 she maintained a Chinese medicine private practice at New York  University Fertility Center and is an internationally recognized expert in the use of  acupuncture to improve assisted reproductive outcomes. In 2020 Dr. Anderson completed  the Duke University year-long Leadership in Integrative Health and Medicine program.

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