Phiona Grisham


    Phiona is the owner and innovating director of Bio HerboloQi, making Chinese herbal topicals, edibles and liquid extracts.

    Phiona used to work for Greenpeace and some other environmental organizations, then a pathway in healing and natural medicine began in 1998 when she was fortunate to begin a 5 year apprenticeship with a Native American Shaman, called Medicine Crow. He is Delaware/Cherokee and teaches traditional native healing practices alongside Seichim Reiki, after also having a career in bio medicine as a respiratory physiologist. Inspired to learn herbal medicine and some kind of energetic medicine, in 2000, Phiona came into contact with Chinese medicine as a patient. Chinese medicine, alongside shamanic healing, helped her to heal from chronic autoimmune disease affecting her nervous system, respiratory, skin and digestion with a huge list of rare allergies.

    Phiona graduated from VUT (Victoria University of Technology, Australia) in 2006 with a B.H.Sc in Chinese Medicine. She went into practice in Victoria, and soon moved to Byron Bay in NSW where she practiced until 2014, before returning to Melbourne Victoria. There she practiced with colleague Dr Clare Pyers and they began the Heavenly Qi Podcast, one of the first podcasts for Chinese Medicine practitioners.

    From 2010 – 2013 Phiona ran a side business focussed on raw vegan desserts, applying nutrition and infusing culinary treats with herbs alongside her clinical practice. She also made a few herbal topicals for her clinic.

    In 2014 Phiona began making more Chinese herbal topicals, tinctures and wans (honey pills) for the clinic. She had studied cosmetic chemistry since 2005 on the journey with allergies, finding that she had to make a lot of her own body care products and foods to avoid commonly used chemicals and additives that were causing health issues or reactions for her. As her own health journey combined with her background in cheffing, cosmetic chemistry, shi liao and Chinese medicine and herbal medicine, Phiona’s path unfolded towards a love of making edibles, topicals and herbal medicine products that spanned nutrition, bodycare, herbs and delight. Phiona studied Nutritional genomic biochemistry and integrated these clinical skills with Chinese medicine to develop her specialties in immunology, gynecology, mental health and oncology
    which were her clinical focusses from 2014 on.

    In 2016 Phiona moved to USA and in 2018, she started Bio HerboloQi, a Chinese herbal product company. She has been further studying Spagyric Alchemy which has become foundational in her herbal lab work as the backbone for Bio HerboloQi products. Phiona feels Bio HerboloQi is a combination of many of her passions and skills, expressing as an alchemical Chinese herbal business focussed on topical and internal medicines that are an elegant combination of innovation and tradition. Bio HerboloQi products focus on showcasing Chinese herbs with an inclusion of herbs from other regions of the world, amino acids, probiotics, vitamins, medicinal honey and high quality, non toxic ingredients. Phiona is increasingly focussed on using spagyric alchemy techniques to extract herbs for formulating with. She avoids commonly used toxic preservatives or cosmetic chemistry ingredients in final formulations and is always seeking green, environmentally sustainable methods and packaging for producing high quality, effective and safe herbal products. Medical astrology is utilized in the lab for the timing of extracts and working specifically with herbs in the natural ways of spagyric alchemy. Spagyrics are specifically medicinal alchemical products. While the roots of Alchemy in the western traditions are said to go back to Egypt and
    Sumer, we are finding some links to Tibetan herbal medicinal techniques and East Asian herbal medicine techniques. One of the side interests Phiona has with Bio HerboloQi is to be able to test and research some of these techniques on East Asian herbs that may not have been extracted with these lab techniques and to share what may be learned. As we combine holistic methods with newer scientific understandings of active constituents of plants, spagyric alchemy methods offer a great potential for herbal medicine research. Phiona has also had a long journey with spiritual lucid dream traditions and practices (Dzogchen, Xhosa and Mayan Nagual) and has sometimes taught these practices since 2005. She will be offering some lucidity courses in USA and online from 2022.

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