Michael Arsenault

Dermatology Products

    Mike Arsenault is a 1999 graduate of New England School of Acupuncture and has been practicing for over 20 years. While attending NESA he had the privilege of training with Die Da / Traumatology expert Ping Chan. He later assisted and co-taught CEU courses and tuina with Dr. Chan.

    Mike was a hospital credentialed acupuncturist with Winchester Hospital for over and has built a large private practice in the North Shore of Boston with his wife, Chi Sun who is also an acupuncturist.

    When his daughter Emily was born in 2006 with eczema, Mike used his herbal training to develop a simple balm for her so she would not have to use steroids. It worked so well for her that he began to use it with patients in his practice. When people with severe skin issues began to get incredible results he launched the company Emily Skin Soothers, Inc. 

    The company recently celebrated it’s 15th year and the Emily products are now sold in health food stores, Whole Foods and acupuncture practices around and outside of the US. In recent years he launched a secondary product line of room sprays, candles and scented soaps called Sage Your Space. Mike now spends half his time seeing patients and half running Emily Skin Soothers and formulating new products. 

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